Real Estate New Westminster BC

Real Estate New Westminster BC

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City Information

Real estate in New Westminster has never been better! The city has undergone major development in recent years. New construction projects continue to improve the quality of life for local residents.

The city recently upgraded the Waterfront Esplanade. This created a beautiful waterfront boardwalk and the Quayside Off-Leash dog area. The area also includes playgrounds, green spaces, a hammock zone, and beach volleyball courts… In addition to beautiful views! There are lots of other outdoor spaces and recreational areas as well. Local parks include Queen’s Park, Royal Park, and Westminster Pier Park.

New West is a popular place for live performance and entertainment as well. Local venues include the Massey Theatre, the Burr Theatre, the Columbia, and Queen’s Park. There are also lots of Educational facilities in the city. These include Douglas College, Sprott Shaw College, Winston College, and the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

Local shopping, such as the New Westminster Outlet Mall, also boosts the values of real estate New Westminster. Areas such as Columbia Street and Front street are lined with local stores and retailers as well. Public transit helps real estate in New West connect with the rest of the lower mainland. It includes bus routes and 5 sky train stations on the Expo Line and Millennium Lines. New West has great transportation systems around the entire city.

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Why Choose Me to be Your New West Realtor…

Being familiar with local neighbourhoods is key to benefiting from real estate. You need continuous education to stay up-to-date on patterns and trends in the market. With my knowledge and experience as a New West Estate Agent, I have a strategic advantage. I will work on your behalf to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

Real Estate in New Westminster is My Speciality.

“I am passionate about real estate. Whether it’s selling your home or finding you the home of your dreams, I am dedicated to helping you. As a Professional New West Realtor, I know the city and the market value very well.” –Danny Camele

The real estate market can be overwhelming. Let me make the process easier and more enjoyable for you.

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