New Westminster Dispensaries

What Is a Dispensary?

A dispensary is a retail location where patients and consumers can legally access cannabis products for the treatment of a variety of medical ailments. Dispensaries are operated professionally and are staffed with knowledgeable experts who are often called a bud tender. These staff members provide one-on-one assistance to their clients to ensure they receive optimal results from their medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are regulated by the government and like liquor or cigarettes, customers are required to show identification to prove they are over the legal age for medical marijuana (19+ within BC). Additionally, to purchase medical marijuana, customers need to provide a prescribed note from their doctor.

What Services Do Dispensaries Provide?  

Dispensaries offer a wide variety of services and products to appeal to their unique client base. Each dispensary differs in the quality of products they offer, and the level of service provided.

In Canadian dispensaries, consumption of marijuana is not allowed, however, the professional staff members are there to assess the needs of customers and recommend the right cannabis products for their specific needs.

Most dispensaries offer extended hours of operation so that medical marijuana can be accessed whenever their clients need. Some dispensaries remain open 7 days a week.

City Council has not yet approved a New Westminster dispensary; however, other dispensaries nearby will often entice customers to their store by offering promotions on certain products or discounts for new customers. Keep an eye out for the weekly promotions in some of the dispensaries near you.

Find the Best Dispensary in Your Area

If you haven’t visited a dispensary before and are trying to locate a marijuana dispensary in your area, there are many websites that can assist you to find a location nearest you.

As mentioned, not all dispensaries offer the same Grade A service and products to their patients. Before visiting a dispensary, you should check the customer reviews online to ensure they offer high quality products and have knowledgeable staff to assist you with your purchase.

As recreational marijuana is expected to be approved in the next coming months, we will keep you informed if a New Westminster dispensary is approved, and where it is located.

To find out more about the top dispensary destinations nearest you, check out this weed dispensary directory site.