Creating The Perfect Exercise Room

One of the great things of being a new home owner is thinking of all the possibilities for each room. Owning your own exercise room for some people is a fun project but they never get around doing it.

In theory it sounds great. You get to customize it to be your own private room with all the gear you want with no hassle of going to the gym. No more crowded workout stations, intimidating weight lifters and talking to everyone you know. Instead, you get a nice serene room where you can focus on getting the exercise you so desperately need.

Once you finally decide to make your own exercise room the question then becomes how do I go about doing it? Do I just randomly pick an empty room in my house, or stick it in the garage or basement.

What gear should I get? How much will it cost?

Here is a list of helpful pointers you can use to create the perfect exercise space just for you.

The Right Room:

exercise room garage-min

Choosing the right room may not be as confusing as you may think. You got a lot of options of where you could set up your exercise room:

  1. Garage
  2. Basement
  3. Attic
  4. Spare bedroom
  5. Backyard

This pretty much covers your entire house. If you’re an apartment owner you could choose the spare room.

Things you should keep in mind:

Enough Space: depending on your set up your looking about 50 – 200 square feet for the racks and machinery.

Sturdy Flooring: You will be using some sort of weights so it’s important to have good flooring. An all-around good piece of flooring would be ReAction Tiles which are dual-layered Vulcanized rubber. These help with sound and vibration reduction and can be setup in and outdoors. Costs range anywhere from $50-$100 per 1m x 1m square which could total anywhere from $500-$1000 for the entire room.

The Right Temperature: It is important to make sure your exercise room is vented and has enough light. If you’re indoors try to have the room set as a separate zone off of the main heating and air conditioning system. Install fans to keep you cool, many people choose places like basement since it tends to be cooler.

The Right Ambiance: This is a private place where you can let off steam and exercise. It’s important to keep yourself motivated and relaxed. Personalize the room, set up speakers, a TV, posters, and white board for you to track your progress.

The Right Equipment

Making sure you have the right equipment means its good quality and sturdy. Good quality pieces like the bench press and power rack maybe more expensive but are worth it. If you’re tight on space there are great equipment you can get that is easy to store.

Exercise room dumbbell


Stackable dumbbells are a great way to clear the clutter. No need for a rack and are easily transferable. The PowerBlock Sport 2.4 is a great example of the type you can get. These can range as little as $50 to a few hundred dollars and are available online and in sport stores.


A manual or electric foldable treadmill is an easy to store and functional. One of the neat things about these is that you can fold them into a closet or put them against a wall. Here is a great website you can look at to see what the best ones are. Prices range from a few hundred dollars into the thousands.

Power Rack/ Bench Press:

A power rack and a bench press will probably take the most amount of space in your exercise room. They are fundamental if you want to do weight lifting. When setting them up it’s a good idea to place them on sturdy ground and make sure they are securely in place. The price of both pieces range anywhere from a few hundred dollars into the thousands.


Mirrors are important when working out. They allow for you to see if you’re footing and formation is correct. Try to get a large mirror that lets you see your entire body. You can set them up on a closet door or along a wall. If you want, you could probably find an old sliding closet mirror door for free or online. Those would work perfectly for your room and can be put virtually any location.

Resistant Bands/Skip ropes/Mats:

These will take the least amount of room and can go anywhere. Just make sure you have enough room around you in the room before using.


Here are the pros of owning your own exercise room:

  • Everything is your choice
  • No inconveniences of a public gym
  • Use it any time or day
  • Can be cheap and only needs you to buy the equipment so no monthly membership fees from a gym


Here are the negative things:

  • No help or advice from others like how you would have at a gym
  • Could be a difficult task to set up the room if you don’t have time
  • Uses an entire room of a house so you will have less storage capabilities
  • You may never use it since there is no commitment like for a gym


Here is a potential cost break down of creating your own exercise room verses going to a public gym:

Your Own Exercise Room Public Gym
Equipment Estimated Cost Fees Cost
Flooring $500 – $1,000  
TV/Posters/White Board $200 – $1,500  
Dumbbells $50 – $500  
Treadmill $200 – $2,000  
Power Rack + Bench $800 – $2,000  
Mirror $0 – $200  
Resistance/Ropes/Mats $50 – $100 Monthly Membership $25-100/month
Total Estimated Cost $1,800 – $7,300 Total Estimate Yearly Fees $300 – $1,200

The Verdict Of Your Own Exercise Room?

Setting up your own exercise room maybe more expensive but in the long run you’re saving money. Not only does it potentially cost less in the long haul but it’s your own private exercise space which is priceless.